The Confident Musician

Four-Week Private Courses and Group Classes

The Confident Musician presents a simple daily music warm-up practice that combines mindfulness and awareness techniques from meditation with music practice and performance. The warm up trains musicians to use awareness of body and sound to cut through mental distraction and connect with their musical and personal strengths. Boredom, distraction and stage jitters are transformed into musical sensitivity and stage presence, revealing music mastery and confidence. The Confident Musician brings more focus, creativity and spontaneity to your music.

The course consists of four weekly classes in Clinton Hill Brooklyn and is open to professional and amateur musicians of all levels and instruments.

  • Week 1
    • Learn to Meditate: Basic meditation is introduced, with special emphasis towards musicians’ situations and needs.
  • Week 2
    • Warm up Practice 1: The practice is presented in its basic form, emphasizing the body’s relation to sound and using this experience to work with distraction and deepen musical connection.
  • Week 3
    • Warm up Practice 1: Contemplations are introduced at each stage. The music evokes, illustrates and heightens each contemplation, training you to connect with your musical abilities in order to connect to your audience.
  • Week 4
    • Personalization: The practice is customized to your particular needs and situation and advanced uses are introduced.
Topics addressed:
  • Deeply listening
  • Acknowledging our talent, education and effort
  • Feeling what we play
  • Playing both precisely and fluidly
  • Playing with intent
  • Cutting through distraction
  • Playing ‘to’ and ‘for’ our audiences rather than ‘at’ them

Private Courses: Private Courses are 60 minutes. Price: $250

Group Class: Group Classes are 90 minutes. Class size is limited to three participants. Price: $150

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Courses for Further Exploration

Practices to further develop mindfulness, awareness and confidence throughout the musical experience. Topics include improvisation, emotional expression, musical form, generating material and finding inspiration.


With the warm-up practice, fundamental Buddhist meditation techniques are fused with your daily music warm up. This practice can then be transformed into the ‘Overture’, creating an improvised or composed ‘song’.

Song Channeling

Use simple forms to train in quickly generating material, developing ideas and completing songs.

Playing With Playing Music

Music improvisation games designed to increase creativity, spontaneity, awareness of form, and fun, free expression.

Color Tones

Use the ancient Asian teaching of the Five Wisdom Families to cut through hesitation and over-analysis and feel your music’s descriptive powers.

Sound Shapes

Develop artistic vision by experiencing life as elements and forms for musical improvisation.

Please contact Bryan for more information.

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  1. Hi,

    Do you have any courses in the UK? I’m a musician and have just started meditating and would be interested in learning more.


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