Meditation Techniques Adapted for Music Practice and Performance

Meditationformusicians.com presents a series of meditation techniques adapted for music practice, performance, improvisation, and composition by bringing more focus, creativity and spontaneity to your music.

Meditationformusicians’ primary focus is presenting a daily warm-up practice that trains musicians to increase mindfulness and presence during practice and performance, to reconnect to their music when they lose heart, to let go of writer’s block and to transform self promotion into helping others connect to their own world. This short, customizable warm up allows musicians to get in touch with their musical and personal strengths and transform distraction into stage presence, revealing authentic musical confidence. Open to professional and amateur musicians of all levels and instruments.

Bryan Wade is a singer/songwriter, and music teacher living in Brooklyn, New York. He has been a Shambhala meditation practitioner since 1996, performed as a guitarist, singer, bandleader, songwriter, and composer since 1986 and taught guitar and band since 1998 with five albums of original music in his catalog. Bryan has taught as part of several NY Shambhala Center workshops, including Jack Niland’s Dharma Art Spring Festivals and the GESTURE theater group. He composed, performed and conducted the scores for Jack Niland’s plays Being Tara in 2007 and Dharma Art Sadhana in 2008 at NYSC.
As a performer, Bryan stands in front of people with his heart wide open and plays a mesmerizing blur of rock, folk, jazz and avant garde music, singing colorful, mysterious, and outrageous stories that beat in the heart of us all.


  1. Hi Bryan,

    I’m writing with an interview request: I’m writing a book on meditation and would love to interview you for our chapter on meditation and creativity.

    The book focuses around the various benefits that meditation and mindfulness can bring to your work life, including performance, leadership, and creativity.

    Erin Frey

  2. Hey Bryan,
    I’m writing a post on why singers should meditate for my blog DIY Singer and noticed yours when searching around. You have a really neat site here! How long have you been blogging?

    Talk soon

  3. Dear Bryan,

    I just discovered the Meditation for Musicians website through a Google search. I’m writing to request an interview on my music podcast Talk Music Talk to discuss meditation and its relation to music. Since my podcast has a general listenership, I’d be interested in how anyone can use music and meditation in their lives. We can also discuss your music, life and career.

    Talk Music Talk is a weekly audio podcast featuring long-form discussions on virtually all musical genres with musicians, authors, producers and such. This podcast allows me to celebrate my passion for music with others who love music and to share how they live their dreams through music. Although this is my debut podcast, my past experience includes DJ/Host at University of Pittsburgh’s WPTS-FM and a Masters in Broadcast Journalism from NYU. I’m also a singer/songwriter with two albums released and the author of several published novels.

    I live in New York City and come to you to record the interview. A discussion between 45-60 minutes would be greatly appreciated. I’m interested in more of a conversation-style discussion, as opposed to a straight Q & A. Talk Music Talk debuted in November; it’s available on iTunes(http://bit.ly/TalkMusicTalk), Stitcher Radio (http://bit.ly/TMTStitcher) and TuneIn (http://bit.ly/TMTtunein).

    Past and future guests include:
    -Susan Fast (author of Michael Jackson’s Dangerous 33 1/3 series book)
    -Darden Smith (singer/songwriter & founder of non-profit Songwriting With:Soldiers)
    -Daniel Givens (musician/DJ/writer from the legendary NYC record store Other Music)
    -Nick Demos (TONY Award Winning producer of the musical Memphis and Yogi)
    -Christian Howes (jazz violinist & 2013 Jazz Times Critics Poll winner)
    -Nicole Henry (jazz singer appeared at NYC’s esteemed Blue Note in February)
    -Kyle Abraham (choreographer/dancer MacArthur Fellowship recipient)
    -Jesse Cohen (1/2 of synth band Tanlines and podcaster of No Effects with Jesse Cohen)
    -Aruan Ortiz (jazz and experimental Cuban pianist and composer)
    -String Noise (Pamela Kim & Conrad Harris) (experimental violin couple)
    -Cécile McLorin Salvant (Grammy-nominated French-American jazz vocalist)
    -Jerry Weber (owner of Pittsburgh’s Jerry’s Used Records–largest all used vinyl record store)
    -Malik Abdul-Rahmaan (hip-hop producer incl. production on Ghostface Killa’s 36 Seasons)

    You can stream all episodes here:

    For additional information, visit the Talk Music Talk website at http://www.talkmusictalk.com or you can learn more about me on my personal website http://www.thisisboice.com. I look forward to hearing from you.


  4. Hi Bryan,

    I read with great interest your blog. I´m a concert pianist who´s very much interested in meditation. The blog entry “A Simple Way to Directly Connect to Music” is extremely interesting. Is there a way to get / purchase an audio file of those lessons? I unfortunately leave so far away (Berlin) and can´t come to the States easily. On the other hand almost nobody here works with meditation or yoga for musicians: that´s why I´m extremely interested.

    Thank you very much

    All best

    Francesco Piemontesi

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